We Understand The Needs

We Get it .. You want a website, but not just a website -You want a mean making money machine, you want to create leads, you want to convert, you want to sell, You want to Show, Then -You Have come to the right place.

We know the industry

If we were cake makers, think of us as the guys that make the most delicious cakes on the state, We can create a master piece from a simple concept or idea, we know where to show them and where to sell then, - except we do it with ecommerce sites and digital maketing services

We are Relentless

We don't quit untill we see our clients happy, We survive with the pure joy of that second revision of that third change on a page, We are a bunch of psudo-masochists that code and make people happy

We are Honest

OK, we know a website can be build by your cousin or your little brother that goes to the local art institute, but will they bring you clients? will they make sure your site ranks in google and bing? will they make sure your products and services are updated it?

Why we are a coolDigital Agency

Its simple really, 15 years in the industry, hundreds of thousands lines of code, countless hours of graphics created, an exhorbitant amount of content and social media posts, and many many cups of coffee.

No matter how big or small your company is, we have a right solution for you - We have the human capital to conceptualize, create and deliver solutions beyond the realm of simple "websites" we create your brand, your voice, your identity.

We don't want you to take our word for it, hit us up in Facebook, Follow us in twitter, or tag us on instagram - or if you need a website just hit the button and drop us a line.

Branding and identity

Do you have the coolest idea for a website and you don't know where to start, we can help you find the right visual elements to create the right look for your business.

Web Design and Development

From hand coded sites to web applications, we have the right tools and group of professionals to handle any proyect (We also do Wordpress Sites).

Social Media and S.E.O

You have the greatest site in the world, but nobody knows is there because you have not optimized your site to be ranked and listed in the major search engines..

Services What we do

Web Development and Design | Graphical Design | Social Media and SEO |

Web Design

We not only create visually appealing and fucntionals sites. We utilize top of the line programmers, designers and tools to deliver solid, concept proven sites - that work.

Graphic Design

Logos, Corporate identity or Marketing pieces, combining over 35 years of experience in graphical design and print marketing our graphic design team uses top of the line Adobe tools and creative wits to make sure your project pops out!

Search Enginge Optimization

We analize, review, test and rank - S.E.O is a science. We understand the usage of your digital assets and content to leverage your web brand, is no longer about meta tags and keywords .. we further than that.

Social Media

Our team of experts in Social media beleive social networks are the new frontier, where there is people there is opportunity, each day there are more members joining sites like facebook, twitter, snapchat and so forth. - Why haven't you joined? - Opportunity is knocking - take a selfie!

SkillsWhat we are good at

Some of the skills needed to make a long lasting impression with our clients and create final products with real value, functional and make an impact on the industry.

15 Years in The Industry

For the past 15 Years and very little advertising, Pollux Media Enterprises, Inc has remainded as a key player in the Digital Marketing industry in South Florida.

Completed Projects

Hundreds of clients served all around the country and abroad, makes us a company that undeststands the needs and goals of our clients, we don't do websites - we create experiences.

Combined Experience

From programming to html coding and graphical design, we have a large array of experience and skillsets that sets us apart.


Over 500 clients can be wrong, for the past 15 years, we have helped the better part of 500 companies looking to improve and exponentially grow their customer base.

WeB Development
Social Media
App Development

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